Why should you join a Beekeeping Association and why North Devon Branch ?

If you are just starting out in beekeeping, the support, training and advice that a Beekeeping Association can give you is invaluable. If you are an experienced beekeeper, the facilities and opportunities to extend your knowledge, help others in starting up this fascinating hobby, or just socialise with similar minded people is well worth the modest annual fee.

Join us and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free advice from experienced beekeepers.
  • Meetings and training at the Branch’s own apiary.
  • Public liability insurance to cover your liability should your bees cause any accident or injury.
  • Bee Disease Insurance to recompense you for any colonies which have had to be destroyed because of notifiable diseases.
  • Meetings throughout the winter, with speakers on a wide variety of beekeeping subjects
  • An extensive library of beekeeping books, which you can borrow to take home and study.
  • An opportunity to purchase secondhand equipment and nucs at a discounted price from the Branch’s apiary.
  • The hire of honey extraction equipment.
  • The opportunity to sell your honey and other beekeeping products on branch stands at shows and exhibitions.
  • Social and family events.
  • And finally, as if that’s not enough, the company and friendship of fellow beekeepers, swapping experiences and the inevitable “discussion” on the “best” method of doing anything concerned with keeping bees !

 Current 2021 Subscription Fees are :

2021 Subscription Fees
Registered Member£37*
Partner Member£17
Associate Member£14
Social Member£4.50
Junior Member£17
* Note :  Bee disease insurance for up to 3 hives included in above.  
Extra premiums required for more than 3 hives (see membership form for details).

It is now possible to renew membership or join the branch using an online facility.  If you would like any further details, please contact the Membership Secretary at