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Beekeeping in a Nutshell Series

Number Author Title
51 Norman L.Carreck & Ingrid H Williams The Economic Value of Bees in the UK
53 Norman L.Carreck Changing Forage for Bees
66 Hugh Perkins Urban Beekeeping
28 Paul Metcalf NDB The Overwintering of Bees
29 Paul Metcalf NDB The First Inspection, Bees in Spring
14 Ken Basterfield BSc(hons)C Eng M.I.E.F.NDB Swarm Control
67 Janet Dowling Robbing
86 Graham Royle NDB Ways of Removing Bees from Supers
37 Dawn Yates Feeding Honeybees
6 Matthew Allen NDB Cleaning and Marketing Honey
5 Matthew Allen NDB Basic Honey Processing
49 David Morris Record keeping for Beekeepers
24 Reg Gove NDB The Solar Wax Extractor
63   Construction Drawings for the Modified National Hive
83 Captain F.Taylor Make Yourself a Nucleus Hive

Library DVD Catalogue

Surname First Name Title
Dustmann, Schonberger, Schonberger   Beekeeping by Rotation System
Bruckner Dorothea The Proboscis Reflex Behaviour of the Honeybee
Dustmann, Kuhnert, Schley, Tiesler   Instrumental Insemination of the Honeybee Queen
Dustmann, Schonberger, Schonberger, Tiesler   Rearing of Queen Bees
Frisch K V Honeybee Waggle Dances
Garrido, Buckler, Tiesler   Selection of Hoeybees
Various UK Experts   An Introduction to Keeping Bees
Furzey John Beekeeping for Beginners & Old Hands

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