Welcome to the North Devon Branch of the Devon Beekeepers Association

The North Devon Branch is one of the oldest beekeeping branches within Devon, and is certainly one of the largest.

We meet every Tuesday at our dedicated apiary near Bishop’s Tawton where experienced and novice bee keepers maintain the colonies and share their knowledge of keeping honey bees.

Feel free to browse this site and learn more about our activities and the fascinating hobby of beekeeping.

If you would like help with a swarm of honeybees you can find all of the necessary information here: https://www.bbka.org.uk/swarm – just follow these steps:

Under the tab ‘Our Services’ the drop down menu has Swarm Removal listed, select this listing, click on the map hyperlink titled Find a local swarm collector, scroll down the page and click the Accept and Enable box. Put your postcode in so as to view the collectors contact details.

Asian Hornet This is a notifiable pest that is increasing in numbers in the UK. Please visit the National Bee Unit website where you can view a comprehensive identification poster and details of how to report a possible sighting of this insect.